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Cracked is Damn Funny

Posted in Genius, Lists on December 11, 2008 by lindendale

I never read Cracked magazine as a lad nor do I now, but is some seriously funny shit.  It is mostly list-based humor, but the writing is really good.  I find myself checking it daily, and I consistently laugh.  It’s not all dick jokes either, not to belittle dick jokes — although your dick be little (Ah, Snap!).

Anyway, if you enjoy some yuks, check it out.

Here’s one on the 6 Most Inappropriate Porn Character Occupations. Includes sample dialogue.


Top 6 World War II Themed Adult Films

Posted in Culture, Lists with tags , on February 21, 2008 by lindendale

6. The Dirty Dozen Does Dallas

5. Snatch-22

4. The Dongs of Navarone

3. The Battle for My Bulge

2. Schindler’s Fist*

1. Shaving Ryan’s Privates*

*These I borrowed from Ethan O.

Feel free to add your own favorites!