Just knowing this blog is sitting here saddens me.  I even read through it.  I doubt the three writers, the two groupies and the five regular readers actually miss it.

Anyway, I’m sucking down Jack Daniels, so I thought I’d spew here for a bit. Sure, I’m probably starting up another blog across town, but that won’t stop me from posting my second rate drivel here.  Frankly, I have stupid thoughts almost constantly, so there’ll be plenty to go around.

Can I recommend that if you aren’t drinking from quality glassware, you start now.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just go to CB2 and order whatever you can get for $2.  I’ve been drinking from a variety of crappy kitchen glasses for years and wasn’t satisfied.  Now, I’m drinking from a proper glass and think I have a legitimate shot at alcoholism.

Oh, speaking of drinking.  This blog is basically awesome:



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