The Junkie Convenience Store

Needed gas at lunch time, but also wanted to pick up a delicious plastic-wrapped convenience store sandwich.  Only one place would fit that bill:  the junkie convenience store.

I love that place.  The cashier is slow, so you always get plenty of time to watch the half-crazed addicts that roll in and out of there  (it is within walking distance of a lot of cheap rentals).  Today’s overheard loud cell phone conversation:

”  Oh my god, really?  That’s so terrible.  You need to take Suboxone.  Call your doctor.  I mean, I have some I can sell you real cheap, but call him.  I hate that.  I hate just sitting there feeling my skin crawl.”


3 Responses to “The Junkie Convenience Store”

  1. Darbydale clearly lives in Venice Beach, California now.

    Tell the story about the Genessee boys when you were working the other side of the counter up in Vermont. Come on, man!

  2. I needed to flesh this story out. Maybe explain what Suboxome is (I had to look it up when I got back to the office). Also, I didn’t capture the sleazy hot drug addict vibe she had going.

    Good point on the Vermont story. That needs to be told in a more open forum.

  3. I looked up Suboxone too. For our readers at home, it is a drug used to treat the effects of opiate withdrawal, you know, heroin.

    We must have more on the Junkie Convenience Store.

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