An inspiration to us all

Here is a link to The Hives’ video (embedding was disabled).  And the best part of it is the bassist at 2:09 . 

He’s older, and he’s not an attractive man.  He has a moustache that would make Ron Jeremy weep with shame.  He looks like the band’s accountant.  But he takes the phrase “owning it” to a magical place it’s never been before.  My hat’s off to you, you chunky Swedish bastard.  You give us hope.  You may be the coolest bassist since Sting utterly betrayed that trust with his Lite Jazz and car commercials.  Thank you for keeping the dream alive.

5 Responses to “An inspiration to us all”

  1. darbydale Says:

    I wish I did anything as well as that man plays the bass.

  2. And the head nod. Don’t forget the head nod.

  3. Oh yes. He is busting that look wide open, making the most of his moment in the sun during the bass bridge. I am not completely convinced some guy from Duluth, MN didn’t digitally insert himself into The Hives’ video.

  4. I wish I was digitally inserted into The Hives.

  5. Eww . . . that sounded gross.

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