Happy Boxing Day!

With St. Nicholas and Krampus on their merry way, we must turn our attention to Boxing Day.  As always, I’ll spend it playing with toys and watching English football.  

I’ll leave it to our resident religious scholars to speak about St. Stephen’s Day.  I read about it and can’t say I entirely understand it.  Being the first to do something is always cool though, unless that something is being stoned to death:


One Response to “Happy Boxing Day!”

  1. paulbibeau Says:

    My buddy at St. Joseph’s in 6th grade was a guy named Stephen, and he always wanted the two of us to stage elaborate fake fights in the playground where we pretended to beat the crap out of each other. I now realize he was just trying to recreate one of the classic scenes of the early Christian church. The martial arts moves probably went too far though.

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