World’s Greatest Head Massage

There have been relatively few undisputed World’s Greatest anythings.  With that in mind, this IS the world’s greatest head massage.  This barber in Pushkar is clearly at the peak of his game.  For full enjoyment, turn the volume way up:


2 Responses to “World’s Greatest Head Massage”

  1. I could really go for one of those. Of course it probably looks more relaxing than it is, since the customer is a college backpacker who has just smoked a bowling-ball-sized chunk of opium.

  2. I love the music combined with the background noise. At one point, I’m fairly certain I hear an early 80’s arcade video game.

    The cost of this whole haircut and massage was supposedly less than a $1. I don’t think I’d feel right leaving anything less than $20 for this.

    Isn’t this really how massage should be? No aromatherapy and nakedness. Just a chair, an open air shop, some cosmic energy and good times.

    The guy in the back is a famous actor/director in Spain.

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