Saturday Sports Wrap Up

Man, what a day of action.  I didn’t watch more than 3 minutes of any one event, but that won’t stop me from going over the day’s events:

NFL:  Sweet Jesus, I couldn’t care less about this sport if I tried.  The Ravens beat the Cowboys.  Must be some playoff implications there.  I assume it was televised.

College Basketball:  I liked this version of the sport until I was 15 or 16.  After Villanova beat Georgetown in the finals, I figured I’d seen about the best game the sport was going to produce.  Truly, why watch the same dramas over and over? Anyway, I watched a good portion of the Gonzaga-UConn game.  Gonzaga, who I believe fields an all-amateur squad, blew the game in overtime.  I’m fairly certain they have one guy who has been with them since the late 90’s.  Matt something.

Premier League Soccer:  West Ham and Aston Villa have the same uniform (“kit”).  Yesterday, they played each other and Aston Villa had to switch to some baby blue abomination.  They won anyway.  I was only half paying attention, but this game sucked.

Italian Serie A:  Inter, who has a lot more money than Siena, beat Siena on one of the most ridiculous offsides goals in the history of soccer.  I can only assume that Siena’s fans aren’t very intimidating, because the game was played in Siena and the referees didn’t look frightened at all.  Jose Mourinho is awesome.  So is the Jose Mourinho puppet (just search YouTube)

NBA:  Totally meant to watch the Heat-Nets game, but then didn’t.  I don’t really remember what I did last evening.  Not drunk or anything like that.  Just not making every moment count.

NHL:  No.

College Bowl Games:  Dan Wetzel basically explains why these are a sham:

This was supposed to be a two part series with the second part coming out on Friday.  I hope he is still alive.

Cricket:  England trails India in some sort of multi-day cricket event, I think.


One Response to “Saturday Sports Wrap Up”

  1. I can believe you didn’t talk about that one game that the team played the other team. They KILLED. Totally killed.

    You think Junior is as good as his old man? I don’t know which Earnhardt I like better — them sumbitches can drive!

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