Indian Massage

Like a lot of people, I enjoy a good Indian massage video.  If it can include some random drunken conversation, all the better:


3 Responses to “Indian Massage”

  1. When he stands on the guy’s back, you have to watch because of the serious chance of spinal injury. It’s kind of like why people watch NASCAR.

  2. I like the late-period Duran Duran in the background. Is this an officially licensed massage operation? I’m not sure it is. Are they inside a submarine? That room is so small. That floor cannot be clean. I don’t think I like this whole thing.

  3. This video has so much. He’s giving his friend a massage, combining drunken camaraderie with a friendly tradition of their shared homeland. He’s feeling disconnected from home (having forgotten to call), but he’ll be returning there soon. He worries about preserving the memories of his visit in photographs. He needs a laptop and has the money, but needs to rely on his friends to acquire it for him. Inexplicably, they are in the cabin of some sort of ship. An unseen third man, an American, tapes the proceedings. The last minute is filled with a back walk where one or both participants could be injured. The last seconds include a light kicking to the head.

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