is awesome.

That’s right Bibeau.  I’m giving your book away for free.  Actually, it was on somebody’s wish list, so it was snapped up immediately.  

Very cool website.


4 Responses to “”

  1. I wrote a book? Fuck. I’ve gotta cut down on my drinking.

  2. I did send them a note directed them to your personal blog and mentioned how, if they’d actually purchased the book, they’d be entitled to share a tuna fish sandwich with you in a coffee shop of their choice. They seemed amused and then a little frightened.

  3. You told them they have to pay, right? I’m a writer.

  4. Oh really, Mr. Bibeau. Perhaps you’d like to explain this recent profile in Forbes Magazine?

    Evidently, you are something of a bigshot over at the Patriot Scientific Corporation.

    I wonder what that Mr. Bibeau wanted to be before life crushed him?

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