That’s how many degrees Fahrenheit it is this morning in Milwaukee.  Coldest day since the end of February.  I don’t care what the white man says, that’s winter.

The good news is that I got to bust out my new Toro PowerCurve electric snow thrower last night.  Most people go gas-powered, but I was looking for lightweight and low-maintenance.  We only had like 4 inches, but it cut right through it.  I cleared the driveway in 20 minutes without hurting my back, and without pants.  I am looking to get it down to 15 minutes, although that will depend on the depth and quality of the snow.

This is not me.  I do not wear purple.

This is not me. I do not wear purple.

Did you that I have over two words for snow?  Slushy, fluffy, and snowbally.


One Response to “Nine”

  1. Is “throw” a statistic they offer on snowblowers? It definitely should be. It looks to me like that there snowblower has a 20′ throw on it. That’d actually be pretty useful if you lived in a place where it snows a fuckload and never melts.

    I don’t know why anybody would live in a snowy place though. We have plenty of swampland still available in Florida. Cheap.

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