R.I.P. Gary Gygax

Well, that sucks:



4 Responses to “R.I.P. Gary Gygax”

  1. Now finally he will go to that dungeon in the sky where all the rollers (of 20-sided dice) are 25 in every attribute.

    (Pours some +2 Potion of Strength on the curb).

  2. darbydale Says:

    Yeah, I was more of a Boot Hill guy, but I was totally on board with the concept.

    I’m sure the guy had crazy bucks and he certainly deserved it. Well done.

  3. He lived in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Bettah recognize!

  4. darbydale Says:

    I was at Barnes & Noble last weekend and saw a whole rack of D&D guides. Frankly, they still looked very cool.

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