You’re hired to help us. Not to f-k us up.

Whether you’re some kind of rightwing nutjob who likes McCain or Romney, a paranoid devotee of the cult of Ron Paul, or perhaps some Bolshevik hippie who wants us all to get behind Obama or Clinton… we can agree that we need good intelligence on Iran.   Bad or distorted intelligence gets people killed.  So you can understand why I’d be a little ticked off reading the following in yesterday’s NY Sun:

WASHINGTON — The director of national intelligence is backing away from his agency’s assessment late last year that Iran had halted its nuclear program, saying he wishes he had written the unclassified version of the document in a different manner.

At a hearing yesterday of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, the intelligence director, Michael McConnell, said, “If I had ’til now to think about it, I probably would change a few things.” He later added, “I would change the way we describe the Iranian nuclear program. I would have included that there are the component parts, that the portion of it, maybe the least significant, had halted.”
Whoopsie!  Liberals and conservatives will find all kinds of ways to spin this.  Me, I just want to let Al Pacino speak for the American people.  Spacey is the stand-in for the intel bureaucracy, and the cop probably represents the UK.  The shaky, nervous guy is probably some innocent civilian in Tehran or even New York City.  Jack Lemmon is playing the French and Russians.  After that the metaphor breaks down.


5 Responses to “You’re hired to help us. Not to f-k us up.”

  1. I like how Lemmon just piles on with the line: “You are a shithead Williamson.” As if that had not already been established.

    McConnell, you don’t open your mouth until you know what the shot is. You child.

  2. paulbibeau Says:

    Supposedly there was a meeting between Putin and Bush after the invasion in which Putin mockingly asked him, “So, where are the WMD’s?” I think that’s essentially the same line.

  3. Paul: That is a great menacing photo.

  4. paulbibeau Says:

    It’s 77% “Eye of Sauron” and 23% “Kilroy was here.”

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