Yes We Can (If Frank Sinatra Says It’s OK).


Had anyone else noticed that Barack Obama co-opted his line “Yes we can” from Sammy Davis, Jr.’s autobiography? Is he not invoking Mr. Bojangles himself? I think he is. But does he have those mad steps?

If you haven’t seen the music video made based on Obama’s NH speech, here it is. I know not all the DCKz are on board the Obama train.  That’ s cool.  You’re wrong of course, but that’s cool.  However, Lindendale — the coldest of the cold — is starting to feel a little inspired.


One Response to “Yes We Can (If Frank Sinatra Says It’s OK).”

  1. paulbibeau Says:

    I think he’s going to go all the way with an inspiring message that resonates across party lines. It will be “morning in America” all over again. And then comes the time for actual policy…

    As my angry, toothless manager at Wendy’s said to me once: “If we have a problem, somebody’s gonna be cryin’ and it ain’t gonna be me.” The essence of governing.

    Still, he’s a smart guy, a patriot, and I think his heart really is in the right place. I know pretty bright people who are going to vote for him. I will definitely give him a chance this November.

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