Clown Stance Clarified

For any clowns that may be reading this blog, I’d like to clarify that DCKz is adamantly pro-clown.  Frankly, if not for the limited opportunities provided by our street thug backgrounds, we’d have probably gone into the clown arts.  It is a noble profession.

I would like to make one request.  Please don’t dress up as a clown and then drive on the highway.  I understand that your typical clown (at least those without extensive contract riders that cover dressing room arrangements) has to dress at a different location than that at which he/she performs.  That is why I’m not extending my request to clown city or clown town driving.

I just want to point out that my attitude toward clowns would be much more charitable if I had not, on two separate occasions, been driving on a deserted stretch of highway, calmy glanced at a car approaching beside me, and seen a fucking clown.  Seriously, there is nothing more disturbing than seeing a clown completely out of context.

 Remember that scene in The Hitcher (2007) where Sophia Bush and that bad actor see the lunatic in the back of that family’s station wagon?  That would have been ten times scarier if there had been a clown there. 


One Response to “Clown Stance Clarified”

  1. I understand your complaint. But look, sometimes you have to drive outside the city limits to an area where the dumping laws are more relaxed.

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