Hyper-Sub: I’m so getting one of these.


It’s 2008, and there are still no flying cars, which I am more than a little annoyed about. But now this hybrid surface boat/submersible, the Marion Hyper-Sub, has just finished prototype testing. Here are the specs:


  • Seating Capacity (cabin): 4, plus pilot
  • Overall Length: 34�
  • Total Beam/Width: 13�6�
  • Height (keel to top of cabin): 6�10�
  • Height with Arch/Spoiler: 8�6�
  • Draft: 24� (saltwater)
  • Dry Weight: 29,300 lbs

Surface Performance

  • Surface Powerplant: Twin 440 horsepower inboard Yanmar diesels
  • Fuel Capacity: 262.5 gallons, variable displacement cells
  • Out Drives: Arneson ASD-10, surface piercing props, 3,400 ft.-lbs. torque
  • Navigational Aids: GPS, chart plotting, radar, forward and downward sensing sonar, autopilot

Dive Performance

  • Submerged Propulsion: electric over hydraulic
  • Twin main hydraulic thrusters, 60 hp maximum
  • Bow and stern steering thrusters
  • Air Capacity: 2,000 std. cu. ft.
  • Air Recharge: Twin 5,000 psi SCBA compressors
  • Battery load: 2 AGM-type battery banks storing 13kWh (135Ah @ 96VDC).

I don’t know if the twin 440-HP diesels are going to get it done for me. But otherwise, damn. There is some video footage of testing on their site. The music is super cheesy.

I wonder how this vehicle will be classified?  Is it a boat or a sub? I guess that’s really a question of maritime law.

You know who already has one of these? Baby Teddy.


2 Responses to “Hyper-Sub: I’m so getting one of these.”

  1. darbydale Says:

    29,400 pounds and only twin 440 horsepower engines? Just seems underpowered for my purposes. Do you have an unlimited hydroplane in the back? Sure, they are limited (oddly) to 2500 horsepower engines, but thanks to their lightweight aluminum design, they only weigh 4,000-5,000 pounds. Oh, and did I mention, they are badass?

  2. darbydale Says:

    Like many people who enjoy smoked meats and fast boats, I have a favorite unlimited hydroplane:


    Heavier than I thought.

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