Dan is the best swim teacher. Really.

Or so the moms in the observation room of swimming lessons at the local pool would have you believe. Such comments can be reported: “Dan is the best teacher.” “Oh! X is in Dan’s class; is Y in Dan’s class? Has Y ever had Dan?” And, most interestingly, “I don’t know what it is about him, but my daughter really responds to him.” This last on more than one occasion.

And of course, the mothers are all jockeying for front row positions, because their children “insist they watch the whole time.”

Your local eavesdropper can’t help but ponder: Is Dan really the best swim teacher? What evidence do we have at hand, other than his twenty-year-old body and model-worthy smile? Are these daughters’ implied crushes and Dan’s exceptional swimming pedagogy really the issue at hand, or an excuse for thirty/fortysomething mothers to check him out instead of their poor child who is nearly drowning behind his back?

And now, at last, my son is in his class! I will report back and deliver my verdict after a close study of Dan’s teaching methods over the next two weeks. It may be more difficult to discern since they’ll be working in the deeper end. But we’ll see…


4 Responses to “Dan is the best swim teacher. Really.”

  1. darbydale Says:

    I’ve been waiting for a Dan update. I think it ties in nicely with the mid-life crisis issue (Not Dan’s. He’s busy signing a 5 figure deal with MILFHunter.com)

  2. rebeccafd Says:

    Though my son was moved from his class, Dan was assigned a group in the shallow end nearest the “observation room” where all the mothers sit. Dan’s specific skill set would have been wasted, I suspect, in the other pool where he would have remained out of sight.

    I can say, however, that if Dan had been waiting in the water beneath that diving board, I have no doubt my son would have jumped. Instead, the fairly unattractive instructor in the water left him shivering and unable to make the leap.

    The other mothers seem pleased with their children’s progress under Dan’s tutelage. I can report that as of last class, the mothers of three children decided to register them for the same group and time. I heard them agree to request Dan as the teacher again. Because “he’s just so good with them.”

    Requesting teachers, I should add, is not something parents ever do at this pool. But Dan is a force of nature, and special rules are clearly in effect.

  3. darbydale Says:

    To Dan’s credit, it sounds like he is actually trying to teach kids to swim. When my kids took swimming lessons, it looked like the instructors were filming episodes of “Real World: City Pool.”

    Just to be clear, Dan is a great instructor, but the moms feel that their children need to take his class again? Shouldn’t the kids progress to the class taught by the dumpy girl with self-esteem issues or the enthusiastic guy with back acne?

  4. rebeccafd Says:

    In terms of taking his class again, there are only 5 levels total (I think it’s the Red Cross system but could be wrong), and levels 4 and 5 are pretty advanced. So most kids stay in each level for several sessions — S. is in level 3, and I don’t imagine he’ll move to level 4 until maybe the end of the summer. They just need so much endurance, and he’ll have to be able to swim the length of a competition-sized pool doing both crawl and backstroke, and of course jump off the diving board.

    The thing is, though, that the teachers move around all the time. They don’t teach the same level again and again. I don’t believe S. has had the same teacher twice, and he’s been taking lessons since last summer. There are only 3 kids to a class, so D. could be teaching level 1, 2, or 3 (or 4 if there are enough of them for a class) next time. That’s why nobody requests teachers. It just doesn’t make sense.

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