The Iowa Caucuses are Still Nuts

I’m glad the folks in my former home state of Iowa got a chance to be heard. Of course, many more would be heard if they had a normal primary like decent people–you know, where you pick your favorite candidate in private and leave. No, let’s force people to meet face-to-face in a room and gather in groups and wrap it all up in byzantine rules (especially the Democrats).  Granted, it sounds like a lot of fun if you can get a babysitter.

Say you are planning to go with Biden. It is unlikely that his supporters are going to reach the 15% viability threshold in many places. So, you can go with your second choice. Your neighbor is with HRC and you still have his step ladder, so maybe you should go with HRC. Your kid’s teacher is waving you over from the Obama camp. Of course, they have a nice cookie selection over in Edwards’ group.

It’s democracy. Democracy at the steaming muzzle of a chocolate-chip cookie.


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