Two Poets, One Politico

Ryan, Katie, and Barack Obama

On the New York Times online there is a great shot of my friends, Katie and Ryan, talking with Barack Obama in Dover, NH. Obama must have some coffee flowing through him, because there is little sleep in his life, yet he looks wide awake.

Cheers to Katie and Ryan. Ryan, whether he knows it or not, is a Dale City Knight (We pull from the surrounding communities).

I should note that Ryan and Katie are also the titular poets of Two Poet Truffles — purveyors of simply the finest truffles and caramels wrought by human hands. Check it out! Their hand-bound poetry journal The Concher comes with the sweets as well. I like to think of it as a boutique journal.  It’s not too late to get Volume 2.

Volume 1? I ate it.


One Response to “Two Poets, One Politico”

  1. Fat Guy Who Like Poetry, Chocolate and Hentai Says:

    The Concher needs a pre-order feature!

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