The People (a few of them) Have Spoken.

I am pleased with Obama’s victory in Iowa.  If you hadn’t noticed, he is black and has a suspicious sounding name.  I still don’t get really fired up by him, but I’ve got his back.  Are the American people really becoming less racist?  No, I don’t think so, people are good at making exceptions to their stereotypes (he’s so articulate), but it is still a good sign.   Of course, I like Edwards too. HRC is not happy right now, but she is an incredible politician and will be in this to the end. It’s going to be a long campaign.

The good news is the huge turnout for the Democrats (see the graph below from the NYT), which bodes very well for the general election.  About 239,000 participated, compared to less than 125,000 in 2004.  Only 108,000 people caucused for the Republicans.  That’s good, very good.  It means that 1. Dems are energized and mobilized, and 2. New voters and independents are looking to the Dems for a candidate.

Iowa Caucus Turnout (from the New York Times)

You know that Huckabee guy seems swell. Let us not forgot, however, that he was a fundamentalist Baptist preacher and should be feared and indeed, shunned. His Christmas TV spot was just over the top (check it out below) — what with the white cross in the background. I do like how well he did with so much less money than his competitors. I like that about Edwards too.


One Response to “The People (a few of them) Have Spoken.”

  1. darbydale Says:

    How many actual human participated in the process yesterday? I’m pleased with Obama’s victory also, but can’t help but notice that a white male garnered a healthy portion of the support. If the Democratic Party pussies out and runs a white male candidate, I’ll be really disappointed.

    Yeah, I’m a white male (theoretically).

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