Just build the damn Starbucks already.

I get that they basically sell hot milk.  I get that in terms of specialty coffee roasters, they are probably in the middle of the pack.  I understand that there are over 13,000 of them including 10 within driving distance of my house.  But my life will  improve drastically if they’d just build the damn one they promised at the edge of my neighborhood.

I’ve driven by the same empty shell at the corner of a shopping plaza for months (Starbucks,  Coming Soon! my ass).  I’ve spoken to contractors who say it can be constructed in 6-8 weeks.  I’ve checked the shopping mall site plan to make sure they haven’t backed out of their lease.  Finally, after almost giving up, there is activity.  Today, there was definitely a plumbing contractor and a guy with a high tech laser measuring device.

If I’m not sipping a latte at a mega-chain coffeehouse located within walking distance of my personal residence in the next 3 months, I’m going to be pissed.  Until then, I’m making my own espresso at home like some kind of fucking savage. 


One Response to “Just build the damn Starbucks already.”

  1. Lindendale Says:

    Nice one.

    I make my coffee at home and bring it to work. Last night, I realized I was out of grounds, but fortunately I found a packet of the bland crap they serve at work (yeah, I pinched it). As expected, it made a disappointing cup. Yet it still served as an adequate caffeine deliver system.

    I was going to stop and get some good stuff on the way to work, but I was late. Now, I have to drink more of this swill with partially hydrogenated vegetable oil instead of cream. I’m alive with pleasure now!

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