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Just knowing this blog is sitting here saddens me.  I even read through it.  I doubt the three writers, the two groupies and the five regular readers actually miss it.

Anyway, I’m sucking down Jack Daniels, so I thought I’d spew here for a bit. Sure, I’m probably starting up another blog across town, but that won’t stop me from posting my second rate drivel here.  Frankly, I have stupid thoughts almost constantly, so there’ll be plenty to go around.

Can I recommend that if you aren’t drinking from quality glassware, you start now.  It doesn’t have to be expensive.  Just go to CB2 and order whatever you can get for $2.  I’ve been drinking from a variety of crappy kitchen glasses for years and wasn’t satisfied.  Now, I’m drinking from a proper glass and think I have a legitimate shot at alcoholism.

Oh, speaking of drinking.  This blog is basically awesome:



It’s Lent, Baby!

Posted in Uncategorized on February 25, 2009 by lindendale

This year I am giving up Catholicism for Lent.    Ba Dum Cheee!

Thanks folks.  Remember to tip your servers and try the fish.  It’s Lent, baby.

Oh Chogo

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I long for people…                              Hito koishi
then again I loathe them:                      hito mutsukashishi
end of autumn.                                   aki no kure

I’m envisioning a time when this site focuses exclusively on Japanese Death Poetry.  There are enough blogs that cover current events and celebrity news.  There aren’t nearly enough blogs that cover haiku poets on the verge of death.  We should fill that gap.

Also, Chogo, nice job nailing my mood today. 

The Junkie Convenience Store

Posted in Convenience Stores on February 16, 2009 by darbydale

Needed gas at lunch time, but also wanted to pick up a delicious plastic-wrapped convenience store sandwich.  Only one place would fit that bill:  the junkie convenience store.

I love that place.  The cashier is slow, so you always get plenty of time to watch the half-crazed addicts that roll in and out of there  (it is within walking distance of a lot of cheap rentals).  Today’s overheard loud cell phone conversation:

”  Oh my god, really?  That’s so terrible.  You need to take Suboxone.  Call your doctor.  I mean, I have some I can sell you real cheap, but call him.  I hate that.  I hate just sitting there feeling my skin crawl.”


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Quite a little day I’ve carved out for myself here.  Eating a tamale verde by Amy’s Organics, listening to Kimya Dawson radio on Pandora and sipping a Diet Dr. Pepper.

I’m keenly aware of my own mortality today.

The Christian Bale Rage Dance Remix

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This is why the internet is the greatest invention of all time.  Some DJ in LA named RevoLucian put this together last night and now we have it.  Thanks Mr. Lucian for your hard work!

I wonder if RevoLucian is the Director of Photography’s DJ name?

Fuck you, Christian Bale.

Christian Bale is a Dick

Posted in Horror, Violence on February 3, 2009 by lindendale

I certainly have enjoyed Bale in a number of his films, but I think he is over-rated.  That’s not the issue here though.  You may remember that his freaking Mom dropped a dime on him last year for being verbally abusive.  Yeah, I think that probably happened.  This is Bale on the set of the new Terminator movie having a ‘roid rage about the director of photography distracting him.  What a class-A asshole.